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Custom Build Slot
  • Flats boats
  • Bay Boats
  • Modified V / variable   
  • Deep V (24 degree deadrise)
  • Deep V twin tunnel (DVTT)
  • Stepped hulls 
  • Work Boats/Commercial
  • Center Console
  • Dual Console
  • Fish Around Pilot house         
34 Fish Around

Closely working with our naval architect creating you a one of a kind is my specialty.  We are happy to be part of choosing, suppling, and rigging the best performing parts, components and products to suit your specific needs!  Everything starts with your chosen engine package providing specs for weight that allows for creating proper balance, buoyancy and top end performance desired for a given length vessel.  This also sets the tone for the a large part of the budget.  One off boats built sing any material will not be less expensive than a given mass produced or stock inventory product.  However if the vessel you need can not be found, and aluminum construction is a must for your project, set up a build slot with One3 today.  Brendan Stamps 401-864-7267


 34 Fish Around 

20 (32).jpg

       20 Offshore 


24 Oyster Barge

IMG_3479 (1).JPG

      24 Offshore  

17' JPEG (1).jpg

       17 Bay boat 


 18 Commercial 


       23 Bay Boat 


 24 Commercial 


    17 Work Skiff 

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