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Why aluminum boats?

What is CAD?         Computer Aided Design. 

Around 1994 technology allowed for not only a virtual design process.  We know where the waterline is and how much your boat weights before cutting the first part!   The ability to cut every part used in the construction saves countless man hours. Additionally delivers accuracy and symmetry like never before seen.

Won't it corrode in salt water?       No 

All of our boats are built using marine grade alloys that are the same products used by the Navy, USCG, police and fire boats around the world.  

Doesn't it need to be painted?      NO      Aluminum naturally forms a layer of oxide on it's surface.  Second only to diamonds oxide is the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet.   Additionally it adheres and once formed stops oxidation (corrosion) and will remain this way indefinitely.


Can I vinyl Wrap it?                              YES

 An aluminium yacht does not have to be painted.  If you choose to it can.   Vinyl wrap can be applied if you prefer color or graphics.  However leaving surface as is reduces building and maintenance costs. Aluminium hulls are easy to repair and has little vulnerability to small imperfections such as scratches. 

Jason Mathus wrap

Does aluminum get HOT?             NO

Have you ever picked up an empty Soda can on a hot day?

Ever attended a sporting event while seated in the bleachers or 

perhaps you own some patio furniture that is aluminum?  

Bottom line is dark colors absorb light, light colors reflect.  Remember that windshield heat shade for your cars dash!

Another thing to consider is thermal conductivity.  Aluminum has excellent properties.  High end Cookware is chosen not only for its quick response to increasing temp but also dissipating heat quickly as to not overcook.  Your boat is going to be about the same temp as the water it floats in.  

metal reflection

What is Marine Grade Aluminum    Metals are designated by a number.  This value gives known properties for strength, corrosion resistance,  Ductility, as well as its Weldability.    For example your new F-150 advertises it's aircraft quality aluminum parts,  6000 series metal.  This is the same material your boat trailer,  riveted boats, pontoon boats ect.  Excellent strength allows for thin material to be used in construction. Plate boats utilize a thicker 5000 series material that has excellent corrosion properties.  The added thickness makes welded construction possible eliminating rivets.  As a consumer you need to understand Apples to Apples that 5000 series aluminum is 3 X the money and don't forget your hull is sometimes 4 X thicker.   This is widely accepted because the same multiplication can be used when discussing the life cycle of your boat as well.

Who test the quality of the Aluminum?   Alcoa is the worlds 6th largest producer of aluminum.  A  test sample of marine grade aluminum was left semi submerged in Narragansett bay RI for 30 Years.   The degradation was microscopic!   For those of you familiar with Point Judith lighthouse located in RI,  Birthplace of One3 Powerboats, you may be surprised to learn this is actually a test facility for some of the materials the US Military uses to build war ships.

Will aluminum attract Lighting?     It is not safe for anyone!   Often most conventional boats loose a carbon fiber fishing pole or all of that t-top pipework.  That said just as an Airliner passes through the bottom of an airplane aluminum hulls can allow the current to pass into the water.  With plastic insulating the ocean from you tower the current is going to most likly choose wiring plumbing engines and or you!   Seriously there is no safe place on the open ocean during lighting storms.

airplane lightning strike
fishing rod struck by lighting

How do I proceed with custom building my boat?    For you the hardest part of the entire process is deciding what you want?  Problem being what you want is sometimes compromised by what you can afford.  I will personally walk you through each decisions to balance form and function.   Each boat we have built is different from the last.  The opportunity to design and build possibly a one off build is exciting, however please don't fish for miracles.   Yes I deliver an amazing product and possibly the most cost effective option to building a custom boat.  That said your boat will be powered by the same engine,  same upholstery, electronics, fuel, steering, and electrical system that every craft must have.  No magic hear just  high levels of craftsmanship, low overhead and people that love boats too much for a REAL job!

What should I buy?      Just like tools, boats are built to perform a Job.  You may want a floating picnic table, or perhaps a vessle that capable of speed in excess of 100mph?  These are to very different goals and neither craft could take the place of the other.  We can help make sure what you ask of your new boat can be achieved with ease.

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