30 Twin Step      Concept 
Aluminum Center Console
30' completed deck views Mercury.png
30' Completed deck views (3).png
Standard Parts list
All models built using marine grade 5086
3/8 keel 1/4'' bottom 3/16'' hull 3/16'' Decks. 
Console and leaning post 1/8''
Auto/ Manual RULE bilge system 
3x6 scupper doors mounted on shims
oversized rigging runs
Modern ventilated hull designs have achieved improvements up to 20% over the traditional V hull.
Unattractive behaviors such as porpoising and                          have been minimized.  Safety being the number one hurdle with aerating any running surface  (yes this includes catamaran designs)  has been long sought after.  Todays hydrodynamic programs have quickly addressed these concerns. 

Conceptually drawn at 30' with the goal in mind for mid sized twin engine propulsion. 
Engine choice and length of build tailored to suit.  
30' Completed deck views (1).jpg
30' Completed deck views (2).png
30' Completed deck views (1).png
30' Completed deck views (2).jpg
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