A vision into the future of One3 Powerboats.
30' Twin Step 
Standard Parts list
All models built using marine grade 5086
3/8 keel 1/4'' bottom 3/16'' hull 3/16'' Decks. 
Console and leaning post 1/8''
Auto/ Manual RULE bilge system 
3x6 scupper doors mounted on shims
oversized rigging runs
One3 Powerboats Presents
2020 30'  Twin Engine, Twin Step  
All the same fit and finish as seen on One3's 20' modified V, with offshore range and capability.  I have spent almost twenty years studying and observing ventilated hull design, gaining extensive knowledge of what works well, and more importantly what does not work.  Incorporating safety with increased  performance demands respect.  That is why I have decided to partner with a proven and experienced leader in ventilated hull design.  Ocean5 Naval architects will be incorporating One3 Powerboats' seamless radius gunwale, synthetic decking, bright dipped pipework, and pop-up cleats, among a long list of options and upgrades.  Base model 600HP, please contact for pricing
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