20 Bay Boat 
  • LOA            20-30ft 
  • Beam                    8'
  • LBS                 3600
  • HP               90-200
  • Deadrise14.,30,45
  • Draft               14.75''
  • Air draft             90''
  • Fuel              50gall
  • WOT 150h   43mph
  • Plane           24mph
  • Cruise       4.2 MPG
  • Chine          3.5deg
  • Transom            25''
  • Set Back              4''
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Standard Parts list
All models built using marine grade 5086
3/8 keel 1/4'' bottom 3/16'' hull 3/16'' Decks. 
Console and leaning post 1/8''
Auto/ Manual RULE bilge system 
3x6 scupper doors mounted on shims
oversized rigging runs
Documentary One3 boats updated_Moment(90
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Standard build with your choice of Suzuki/Mercury 150hp on trailer $61,470
Note:Yamaha +$2300
Additional options/ pricing
24 (2).JPG
IMG_6570 (2).JPG
IMG_4780 (2).JPG
OPTIONS TOTAL                  $10,530
Standard 200hp/trailer    $61470
loaded  factory direct      $72,000

This is the FIRST cad welded aluminum boat to ever be built with a seamless radius gunwale edge.  This eliminated the need for a rub rail, makes cleaning a breeze, prevents unwanted line chafing, is stronger and also looks sexy!  She is powered with a Yamaha 150hp pushing her 2700lb hull to 43MPH.   Turns on a rail due to a keel skeg that is located directly under our leaning post.  Large reverse chines give a dry ride and keeps her on plane @ 24mph.  The modified V hull has 26 degrees of dead rise mid ship transitioning to 14.5 at the transom.  This makes better than 4.0 MPG achievable, up at the bow entry 45 degrees easily cuts up anything. 










Her deck is finished with glow in the dark holly lines separated by a natural teak colored synthetic decking from Plasdec USA.  There azure product can hold the suns charge for up to 11hrs!  On the rail are 7 flush rod holders angled to not only drift a spread of 3 rods but can also troll 3 at a time.  Up top has an additional 5 rod rocket launcher.  We partnered with Engel coolers and built our leaning post around there 65-gall roto molded cooler.  We then designed a custom roll out cooler hinge powered by Lenco marine to provide stable seating, and fully retracted makes for a spacious aft deck.  A built in Plano tackle center was integrated into the leaning post and is accessible by 2 stainless gas lifts that open the gasketed top.  Hands free latches secure the access hatch also providing a spacious rigging table after picking your weapon of choice. 










The T-top is finished off with a composite hard top, dual color dimmable Lumitec lighting, chart light, electronics box.  All of our stowage compartments are led lite along with courtesy lighting.  The console is wide open with front access leaving room for ventilated dry gear.  All of your maintenance items are easy access through two transom hatch doors and also providing additional stowage compartment.  For decades the military and first responders have relied on Plate Welded Aluminum boats.  This is the start of our pleasure boat line the will top out at 40’.   Call anytime 401-864-7267 to find out what I can do for you.

“Thanks for the demo! Insanely well built and dry aluminum center console, solid as a tank but with a luxury feel, well finished. Handles like a sport boat but steady as a dock when idle. Nice work! @one3 is definitely the future of aluminum boats on the Atlantic!”       Josh Comerford  Point Judith RI
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